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Widow's Lace Part One: Ellie

4 Aug 2020

A hundred year old mystery, the widow left behind, a fallen soldier, an unnamed body and a young student determined to find the truth. This post is the first 5 chapters of my Historical Fiction Widow's Lace for you to read and get a feel for the story and the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Edward Barrington. Hopefully it captures your interest!


An Indie Author's Guide to Self Promotion

9 Jul 2020

So you have decided to Self Publish. Awesome! Now it's time to promote your work to the world. But how? Unlike when you go through a traditional publisher – this is up to you. Here are some things I found useful!


Thinking about Self-Publishing? Here are some tips!

25 Jun 2020

Self publishing of books/ novels is becoming more and more common as a way to get a work out there. So why would an author chose to self-publish? And how would they even start? Here are some tips to help!



26 Mar 2020

Back in 2009 I started writing an apocalyptic novel - about a world in which everyone needed to live under domes to avoid an air born disease. A strange symmetry with events today. Thought I would share an excerpt. Not sure if I am glad I never finished it, or wish I had!


What inspires you to write?

21 Feb 2020

Does inspiration grab you and physically shake you? Do ideas dance gently across your mind? Is there an intense surge through your core that demands release? Or do you just wake up one day knowing exactly what to write?


5 tips on self-editing your writing

1 Feb 2020

Like writing, how we approach the task of editing can be very individual. That said, I have found the following 5 strategies for self-editing to be very successful. Take a read. Hopefully they will help you too!


How to make time to write

16 Jan 2020

Life is busy. So how do you carve out the space to write? Here are 5 tips I used to make time for my writing. I hope they help you too.


One Night in Glasgow

2 Jan 2019

Early morning my husband and I headed up to Glasgow Scotland for a one night mini escape, and what a great choice it was for a quick trip! We flew from Gatwick and were pleased to find that Glasgow has a dedicated Airport bus that will have to into the centre in around 15 minutes, for only £8 one way.


24 hours in Seville, Spain

5 Jul 2018

Seville is quintessential ‘Spain’: tapas and flamenco! You could spend days exploring Seville, but here are some highlights packed into one day!


Cross section Spain, central to coast in Ronda and Alicante

6 Apr 2018

Spain is a country of vast geographical contrast and beauty. On my recent trip there two places stood out for their stunning views and individual experiences.


River, beach, food and adventure = Goolwa!

8 Nov 2017

Where the river meets the sea. Goolwa is a place of natural beauty, with a long and open beach, river and the Coorong national park to enjoy, it’s perfect for a day relaxing the water or exploring the sights on foot, bike or boat!