About Me

I have a passion for stories, especially those with a dark undercurrent, or a twist to be revealed. 

I hope to tell interesting stories that people will find themselves drawn into. Stories that are for entertainment and escape, and hopefully a little thrill of the unexpected.

I truly enjoy the experience of writing, exploring human traits and reactions as well as the darkness that can lurk unexpectedly inside anyone. I love stories that delve into uncomfortable places.

A good setting is my favourite part of a novel, a love I developed while working as an English teacher in my 20s. Now my husband and I run a web development business, and I make time for writing after hours and on weekends. It can mean long days and late nights, but I don't mind. It's something I love to do (well, except maybe the editing!).

My long term goal as a writer is to be able to publish my stories regularly and hopefully appeal to a wide range of readers, including those similar to myself.

My debut novel, Widow's Lace, available now:

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