Lelita Baldock is an author of historical fiction and crime fiction.

She has a passion for dark stories, with an unexpected twist.

It was during her years studying English Literature at University that Lelita discovered her love of all things reading and writing. But it would be another 15 years before she took up the challenge and wrote her own novel.

Her debut novel, the historical fiction Widow's Lace, is an Amazon best-seller.

Her follow up, The Unsound Sister, saw her take a different direction in her writing, trying her hand at crime fiction and has been warmly received globally.

She is currently working on her third novel, an as yet untitled return to historical fiction set in 1850s Cornwall.

Lelita also runs a blog and newsletter featuring fellow authors and other creatives.

Novels by Lelita Baldock

Out now through Amazon

The Unsound Sister

Available from Amazon Australia (eBook and paperback)

Available from Amazon UK (eBook and paperback)

Available from Amazon US (eBook and paperback)

Are you responsible for a crime you can't remember?

Grant Huxley is dead. Found brutally stabbed in his hotel room in Beesands. His estranged wife Eloise Lane-Huxley and her sister June Lane are discovered at their home in Torcross, covered in blood and in possession of a pair of bloody crafting scissors.

DS Robert Fields interviews the sisters. Despite having no memory of the events surrounding the murder of her husband, Eloise is charged with murder. 

Young and ambitious defense lawyer Harriet Bell is hired to defend Eloise. She quickly ascertains that a defence of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity - Automatism is the best chance of supporting her client. 

Interviewing family and witnesses, Harriet uncovers secrets and hidden scandals and begins to doubt her client's guilt. Against the challenge of her own family history she works to uncover the truth.

Who really killed Grant Huxley?

Widow's Lace

Available from Amazon Australia (eBook and paperback)

Available from Amazon UK (eBook and paperback)

Available from Amazon US (eBook and paperback)

A hundred year old mystery, the widow left behind, a fallen soldier, an unnamed body and a young student determined to find the truth.

In 1886 famous English poet Edward Barrington moves from Derbyshire, England to a farm on the Finniss River, in South Australia. Two years later he disappears.

25 years later Archie Hargraves abandons his fiancée Clara and travels from England to meet with Edward’s widow, Rosalind. He plans to write a biography and make a name for himself, independent from his wealthy father. Returning to England in 1914 he abandons his work to join the war in Europe. His journal of notes from Australia is never released.

Ellie Cannon, a young PhD candidate at Sydney University, is writing a thesis on one of Barrington’s last known poems, The Fall. It’s not going well. Struggling with her relationship with her mother and loss of her father, Ellie is on the brink of failure.

Then a body is found by the Finniss River, 130 years after Edward’s disappearance. Could it be the famous poet?


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