The Girl Who Crossed Mountains


San Sebastian, 1936. Abene García, a fisherman’s daughter, must make a terrible choice: risk being caught in the crossfires of the escalating Spanish Civil War or abandon her seaside home and make the perilous journey across the Pyrenees to the border of France. But the safety she finds on the other side of the mountains is shattered when the Nazis enter the country. Abene won’t stand by and do nothing while innocent Jewish men, women and children are in desperate need – not when she knows a way to escape.

Abene has crossed the mountains before, and she knows the dangers. Joining the resistance network, she helps to set up a route across the mountains. But when her safe house is discovered, a group of injured Allied soldiers is shot down, except for one – a Canadian pilot too sick to make the crossing alone. Abene knows what she must do. She will cross the mountains once again, back to the home she left years before, where her journey truly began, and many dangers remain…

Perfect for fans of Kristin Hannah, Kelly Rimmer and Fiona Valpy, The Girl Who Crossed Mountains is an extraordinary tale of survival, family bonds and the power of love to persevere against all odds.