Patrick D. Kaiser, indie author of verse novels

Today's author feature is focussed on Patrick D. Kaiser author of thriller verse novels and autism advocate.

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About myself:

My name is Patrick D. Kaiser! I am an author with autism! I write Verse Novels (Novels told through poetry) More specifically Verse Thrillers. I Strive to spread positivity and love through my works! I'm also an autism advocate Who strives to prove autism is not a detriment but a benefit!

Career Summary:

I have been writing since I was 12 years old. For the longest time I wrote typical prose, but I always had a knack for poetry. One day I discovered that novels told through poetry existed, and Decided to pursue it going forward. All Well known Verse Novels deal with gritty, dark, real world subjects. None that I've found provide a good escape. Topics ranging from Sexual abuse, drug abuse, racism, prejudice, and many other topics that many just wouldn't want to read about. I always wondered why are there no Verse Novels in the vane of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or Hunger Games. I did research and there was just this common consensus that Verse Novels absolutely can not tackle those kinds of stories, and are strictly restricted to trauma stories. Most Verse Novels, especially the popular ones, only ever use free verse (Non-Ryhming poetry), I decided very early on to do what they said was impossible. I wrote and fantastical Escape story in Rhyming Verse that was fun and engaging. And While it hasn't taken off quite yet, everyone who's read my work say it's great! 

I have three poetry collections out – Catch the Moment, Colors of the Heart, and The Light Before We Land.
My first Trilogy of Verse Thrillers: The Crimson Minds Trilogy tackles a murder mystery in the midst of a psychic gang war in Chicago.

And my Death-Bringer Chronicles has two books available, with two more well on the way. It is about a magical murder frame job, where the hero teams up with a female Jack Frost (The magical worlds most notorious criminal) To clear his name. Kind of a Harry Potter meets Law and Order.

Why I took up writing:

I started writing when I was twelve years old. I always loved telling stories. I had just learned about Christopher Poalini – The author of Eragon. He wrote Eragon when he was fourteen and got published at sixteen. That's when it occurred to me – I can get paid to tell stories? And so, I started down the path of a writer. I studied and absorbed every resource that I could. And sixteen years later I was published, and have been for two and a half years. I have eight books out, and have fourteen more planned at the moment.

What inspires my ideas:

I'm inspired mostly by other stories, there'll be a scene or detail in a TV show, movie, or book and I think about how I could twist it and make a story out of the concept. I'm heavily inspired by things in anime. The Japanese are master story tellers and don't let things like politics and personal beliefs overrun the narrative. They understand to do simply what's best for the story and don't try to preach to their audience, Something western countries could heavily learn from.

What I love about Writing:

I love discovering the story just like readers do. I have certain key points I want to hit in each of my books, but other than that I let The characters live and breathe, and guide me through the story to the point where entire scenes and aspects will surprise me as I'm writing. I love the idea of Writing being like a driving across country in the fog with the headlights on, you can only see a bit ahead of you, but you can make the entire journey that way.

What is most challenging: 

Getting people to take a chance on my work, and getting noticed. It's hard to get noticed as an author. Especially when you don't have a massive budget to work with.

What I'm most proud of:

Simply that I finally got published. It took forever, mainly due to the fact that I severely lacked confidence in my work.

Indie or traditional:

I'm an indie. And Like I said it's difficult to get noticed as an indie. It's already a detrimental stigma, so any indies start at a huge disadvantage. But if you can make it, The perks and benefits are far better than anything traditional can ever hope to give you.

Advice for aspiring writers:

Study, study, study! Study the greats, study the succesful books and authors, even if you really dislike them. They're successful for a reason. They obviously did something right, and you can always learn from that.

Meet any author?:

J.K. Rowling. Say what you will about her beliefs and tweets, but she did everything right with Harry Potter. There's a lot I'd love to learn from her. 


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