Emé Savage

Writer, advocate, costume designer and storm chaser!

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Emé Savage – the woman

“I grew up in Central Illinois on 80 acres of woods and farmland to a factory worker and a florist. I am the oldest of four kids. I currently live in SE Michigan and have been married 9 years to a wonderful man who is also a writer, A.M. Holmes. I have three amazing step kids and two feline overlords. Besides writing I also love to sew, design costumes, watch sci-fi, and chase storms.”

If you follow her on Instagram you will know her consumes are exceptional!

Emé Savage – the author

“I am the author of The Genesis Chronicles, an epic fantasy/prehistoric fiction that takes place on a world I created. Currently I have two novels published in a planned four-book series as well as two related short stories also in the Genesis Universe. 

“Currently, I’m revising Book Three in that series with a planned release later in 2021 if all goes well. I’m also drafting a sci-fi novel which is also part of the Genesis Universe and another short story.”

The ‘Genesis’ of her writing journey

“I think storytelling was something I’ve always done. Before I could write, I was telling stories. When I was seven, I created my first book. When I was eleven, my Ma gave me my first type writer. I just really enjoy visiting the worlds I created.”

And what inspired her to write The Genesis Chronicles?

“The original inspiration was based on the land we grew up on. We had a crik running through our property and we would spend a lot of time down there looking for fossils and artefacts. I wondered what life was like when the First People settled there. That’s when Minkos was born. Story ideas come from life and are translated into a fantasy setting. My current project is drawn from my experiences with the acquisition of disabilities. I wanted to explore that truth through my characters.” 

Savage believes, “there is no finer profession” than writing. 

“When someone tells me that they enjoyed my story and why, it really drives home how important storytelling is. The fact that I get to be part of that, is exciting and gratifying. 

“For so long, I hid that part of me away, afraid of what people might think. I’m glad I took a chance and allowed people to see my world.”

And so are we. But overcoming the fear of what other’s may say is not the only challenge writers face.

So what is Savage’s biggest challenge now?

“Right now? Marketing. I still don’t completely understand it, but I made it my goal to learn more last year, and it is paying off. I still have a long way to go, and there is a lot of trial and error, but I’ll get there eventually. This is why the Writing Community is so amazing. I’m constantly learning and sharing from others.”

Don’t forget the achievements.

Savage is proud of her writing and that she is able to “produce consistently.”

“I’m not always in the mood to write, but I keep my schedule and I’m always surprised at how much gets done. Last year was my best year yet production wise.” 

But it hasn’t always been this way.

Savage has overcome her far share of challenges to pursue her passion for writing.

“I had ocular migraines every other day and was put on medication that stifled that part of my creativity. I was on it for eight years and during those eight years, I had not been able to write at all. I was literally cut off from that world and no matter what I tried; I couldn’t access it. But I couldn’t function with migraines every other day either. I had to heal from whatever was ailing me. Finally, eight years later, my doctor and I discussed getting off the medication to see if I still had the same issues. I didn’t. Once I was off the med, I was able to access that world again, and I’ve not wasted a minute since.”

Indie or traditional? Savage has done them both. So which does she prefer?

“Honestly, I prefer indie publishing. It has become much more sophisticated and acceptable since I first started 11 years ago. I like deciding what cover designer or editor to hire, and my royalties are more robust. The downside is that I’m doing the marketing myself, but even this has gotten easier over the years. I like having control over how my work is presented and where I’m presenting it and I don’t have to compromise my work because it doesn’t fit neatly into prescribed boxes. I think that’s true for many indie authors. The best authors, in my humble opinion, blend genres and traditional publishing doesn’t always know how to market it. Neither do I, but I know my book better than anyone else, and I am working out who my audience is and how to reach them.”

Her advice for aspiring writers?

“First, you need to be consistent. Decide on a regular time to write whether that is five minutes a day, or one day a week or even once a month, be consistent. That’s how things get done. Second, do not edit as you are drafting. It will slow you down. Third, don’t compare your writing to other writers. Comparison is the death of creativity. If you must compare, compare to your previous work. I am greatly encouraged by my growth and it keeps me going. Lastly, have fun. This is not supposed to be a chore. You are creating something that only you can create. No one can tell your story like you can.”

The author she would most like to meet?

Madeleine L’Engle. If you have read her work, you can tell that it has influenced my work. I reread Many Waters not long ago, and I was stunned to see just how big of an influence she has been to me. I’ve read her quotes on writing and they are gorgeous, soulful, and inspiring. The way she blended science fiction with fantasy was an art and one I think we need more of in this day and age. 

Savage’s novels and short stories are all available now through Amazon



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