An Indie Author's Guide to Self Promotion

So you have decided to Self Publish. Awesome! Now it's time to promote your work to the world. But how? Unlike when you go through a traditional publisher – this is up to you. Here are some things I found useful!

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These are just a few tips I have found useful in the promotion of my debut novel, Widow's Lace.

I hope something here helps you too!

Website / Blog

Get yourself online. You can work with a web developer to create a website for yourself as an author or you can use a free service such as Word Press or a subscription website builder like Wix. These are just a few options, do some research and find an option that suits you!

Use your website to introduce yourself to the world and promote your book/s. Include a blog. Here you can write about writing and anything else that takes your fancy. By creating useful content you attract people to your site, thereby potentially turning them into new readers.

Social Media

Sign up to the platforms that interest you. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc…
Use these to connect with other writers and readers. Post content that will engage your potential audience and promote your work/

Keep an eye out for bloggers/ reviewers/ interviewers/ podcasters who are wanting to talk with authors, follow them and offer yourself for the interviews/ reviews.

Social media is also a great place to learn more about self promotion. Read what other authors have done and share your own tips on inspiration, getting through challenges, scheduling, anything that has helped you in your writing journey. The more you share and connect with other readers/ writers the further your reach can extend. 

Get Reviews

Find people who review books and ask them if they will review yours. You can Offer a free e-copy of your book in exchange for a review. Or if they are a fellow indie author, offer a review for a review.

Some great places to find them are:

  • A google search for book bloggers and reviewers
  • On social media - look for book bloggers and reviewers
  • By looking at reviews on Good Reads and Amazon and contacting the reviewers who have reviewed within your genre.

Contact local 

Look up the local newspapers and magazines in your area. Contact them and ask if they would like to feature you and your book. The same goes for local radio stations.

Additionally, if your former school / tertiary education provider runs an old scholars magazine of social media page, ask if you and your work can be included.

Contact by topic

You've written an Historical Fiction novel? Contact magazines or newpapers in the areas your work is set and see if they would be interested in featuring an article about you and your work.Your book is on a non-fiction topic? Find media that covers your topic and offer to talk with them as an expert.

Use any connection your work has with the wider world and reach out. The more places you can get your name and work referenced, the more potential readers will come across you.

Sign up to bookplatforms

Good Reads is an excellent platform where you can promote your work, get reviews and exposure.
Other options include BookBub, Book Library

Max out your Author profile on all these platforms. A well presented author profile gives you credibility with readers so they are more confident to choose your work.

These are the strategies I have found useful so far in my Self Publishing journey, but I am still learning.

I hope you find the above useful. And if you discover anything else that works well, I'd love to hear from you! The more we share ideas and support each other, the higher we call can reach!