Author Interview - Meet Sarah J Maxwell

Meet Sarah J Maxwell. Her debut novel, a YA with paranormal elements, Billy Lemonade is creating quite the stir, and I can see why! It is a beautifully written novel, full of poignant moments, sorrow and love. I honestly can not recommend it highly enough. Get yourself a copy now, you can thank me later. I am truly excited to feature Sarah in this newsletter, so without further ado, I will hand over to the author herself!

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Sarah in summary

I’m a Londoner living in Tasmania. I have two kids and two dogs. Married for 21 years

Her writing career so far (believe me, this is only the beginning!)

I signed my first publishing agreement in May 2020 with Whisper Publishing, after twelve years and six books. ‘Billy Lemonade’ launched in January 2021. I signed with UK based Literary Agent, InterSaga for my second book ‘What the Knocker-Upper Woke Up’. That is due for released Oct/Nov 2021. 

What inspired her to start writing?

To settle the wild imaginings of my mind! 

And what keeps her going?

Nature, a person, but mostly (something I’ve only recently realised) my life and the people in my life, both past and present.

Sarah's favourite part of being an author

Giving vent to my wild imaginings! 

But there are challenges too

Social media/marketing. My publisher is small so I have to dedicate time and energy to trying to sell myself and my book – I’m not that great at it and would much rather be writing. 

But she is proud of 'never giving up'.

Indie or Traditional?

Traditionally published. I have an awesome publisher and a wonderful editor who guides and advises, but never stipulates change. She has nurtured my writing. I also have the most supportive Agent in Anna. 

Sarah's advice for aspiring writers

Never give up and never, EVER, send a submission before it’s ready. No matter how wonderful you think your book is, don’t rush it. The book needs to percolate – for months sometimes – I know, agony! But you only get one chance so make it count. 

And finally, the author she most wishes she could meet

100% no doubt. Jane Austen. Genius. Inspiration and ‘Persuasion’ is one of my all-time favourite books. 


Billy Lemonade is out now through Amazon




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Connect with Sarah


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